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Artrolive: Benefits, Safety, Dosage, and Side Effects

Artrolive 90 Capsules

O sulfato de glicosamina e a condroitina, também chamados “condroprotetores”, so tecidos essenciais da formacao, manutencao e reparacao do cartilagem articular. Evidência cientfica é que se usam como suplementos para o tratamento de osteoartrite e doencas relacionadas.

Artrolive é contraindicado durante a gravidez e na lactacao, e nas pacientes com hipersensibilidade a qualquer dos componentes do seu formula.


O sulfato de glucosamina e o sulfato de condroitina, usados separadamente ou juntos, esto entre os suplementos mais populares para as artroses. Os resultados de estudos de seguimento a longo prazo mostram que eles contribuem para diminuir os sintomas e o progresso da artrite, incluindo o envelhecimento.

Este medicamento também oferece atividade analgesica e antipiretica, principalmente nos articulacoes, musculos e tecidos moles do corpo.

Artrolive no deve ser utilizado em pacientes com historia positiva de ulcera peptica regressiva, dificuldade de digestao cronica, insuficiencia renal grave (reduced capacity for filtracao dos rins) e hipersensibilidade (alergia) a qualquer dos componentes do sua formula. A administraço do medicamento pode provocar uma alteraço na concentracao do glicose na sangue, ento, isto no é beneficiável para pacientes com diabetes mellitus tipo II. O sulfato de glucosamina deverá ser substitudo por outro medicamento. A administraço do sulfato de glicosamina também no deve ser substitudo por outro ingrediente.


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The sulfato de glicosamina and sulfato de condroitina, used either separately or in combination, are considered safe if taken for the duration recommended by your doctor. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have diabetes mellitus type 2 and experience abnormalities in your glycemic control, this product is not recommended for you.

This medication may cause a range of side effects, both mild and severe. You should contact your doctor or cirurgiao-dentista if you notice any of the following:


O medicamento recomendado é de 1 capsula por via oral, tres vezes ao dia. Se tiver hipersensibilidade a algum dos componentes da formula, este medicamento no deve ser usado. Avoide ingestarem bebidas alcoolicas durante o tratamento. Sonolencia, dor de cabeca e insonia têm sido relatadas.

Nauseas (em geral, sensacao de desconforto na digestaço), dispepsia, dor abdominal ou dor epigastrica (dor na parte superior de cima do abdomen) e vomitos têm sido raramente relatadas com a administraço do sulfato glicosamina oral.

O sulfato de condroitina e o sulfato glicosamina, também comentados como condroprotetores, eles impedem o desgaste do cartilagem articular, e este medicamento funciona apenas para as pessoas com osteoartrite, osteoarthritis ou artrose. Este medicamento no tem estado estudado em mulheres gravidas, procure orientaço medica antes de usá-lo.

Side effects

O esquecimento de uma ou mais doses do Artrolive no trará efeitos graves para o paciente, mas poderá dificultar obterem os resultados desejado no alivio da dor e melhoramento da mobilidade articular. Estudos recentes descobriram que a associacao dos principios ativos sulfato de glicosamina e sulfato de condroitina pode provocar alteracoes nao-glucosamina, tal como o efeito do recurso ao msculo adiposo no diabete. E o paciente deve ter monitorizado os seus niveis de glicosamina mais frequentemente durante o tratamento com sulfato de glicosamina + sulfato de condroitina.

Este medicamento no é adequado para usar durante a gravidez e lactacao. Adotar os cuidados recomendados por o médico durante a tomada. No faça o uso de este medicamento sem o conseguimento do médico. Os recursos ao msculo devem ser refrigerados. Se a qualquer dos recursos do medicamento perderem, informe ao médico.

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Zoo Articulation Map: Practice S Sound Target Words

S Articulation Worksheets

S articulation worksheets are an essential tool for practicing speech sounds in the therapy room. They are flexible, easy to send home for homework and offer fine motor hands-on activities that kids love.

Try this fun zoo articulation map to practice initial and medial S sound target words. It can also be used to practice comparing and contrasting words!

/s/ in isolation

In order to produce a clear /s/ sound, the tongue is raised high in the mouth to almost touch the alveolar ridge or roof of the mouth. This creates a groove in the center of the tongue through which air flows. The lips should be closed and parted slightly. Often children have trouble producing this sound in isolation because they are not putting their tongue into the correct position.

One way to help your students with this problem is to provide visual cues. You can use simple pictures that represent the sound such as a snake or a toothbrush. This will help them remember how to make the sound correctly.

Another great idea is to create a fall themed bulletin board that includes different S words. Use these as a way to elicit productions during your sessions or send them home for extra practice. You can also try using interactive books. These are easy to use and have the sound elicited on every page.

/s/ in a word

When the letter s is found at the end of words (including plural nouns, verbs in third person, and possessive), it can be pronounced in three different ways. This depends on the sound that comes before it, whether it is voiced or unvoiced. To check if a sound is voiced, put your finger on your throat and see if it vibrates when you say it. Voiced sounds are pronounced as /s/, while unvoiced sounds are pronounced as /z/.

The no prep articulation worksheets in this bundle include a variety of themes and target sounds. Each sheet provides space for 10 therapist derived words, making it easy to track progress. The worksheets are also perfect for sending home as reinforcement activities.

This speech therapy activity is a great way to practice the sound of s. The students will have fun coloring and cutting out the pictures to match the target sound. They can use these worksheets to create a fall bulletin board or send them home for extra practice.

/s/ in a phrase

One of the main functions of an apostrophe is to show possession. Plural nouns that end in s are usually made possessive by adding s’. This is done to make the noun sound more natural, and it also shows that the word belongs to more than one person. Examples include the boys’ shirts and the girls’ dresses. Another way to make a singular noun possessive is by adding’s. This is typically used for irregular plural nouns that don’t end in s, such as students and children.

This bundle includes articulation worksheets for all sound levels, including /s/ in words and phrases. These worksheets provide a variety of activities to target the /s/ sound and come in black and white or greyscale options. Each page contains space for 10 therapist-derived words, making it easy to track data. These worksheets are sure to be a favorite in your speech therapy room!

/s/ in a sentence

If your students are working on /s/ in the beginning, middle or final position of words, there are plenty of articulation practice materials available for you. You’ll find word lists, sentence completion worksheets and more. These materials are functional and do not require the use of flashcards. They also provide practice for other sounds in words as well as sound combinations. Check out this fall articulation activity where students will color and cut and paste ten /s/ pictures on top of a variety of fall items. Then, they’ll create a cute bulletin board display to show off their work! It’s an adorable and easy to implement speech therapy idea.

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